Here at Shoreditch Repairs we specialise in Apple iPad repairs. Breaking your IPad can mean inconvenience and stress, with many iPad owners feeling overwhelmed by the cost to repair the damaged iPad. Shoreditch Repairs are specialists in iPad repairs saving you money and time. Below is a quick guide to the iPad repairs we offer.

Apple iPad Repairs at Shoreditch Repairs Shoreditch Repairs

iPad Screen Damage Repairs

The most common type of iPad repair we carry out is screen damage. We cover water damage, cracked screens and any other screen problems. One of the most common components of the screen breaking is the screen digitizer, following a hard drop. We provide good quality screen repairs at a fraction of the cost of Apple repairs.

iPad New Battery Repairs

iPad battery repairs are another common repair that we see here at Shoreditch Repairs. Battery problems can often be very frustrating especially if your battery is not holding its charge, making your iPad unreliable. We can replace your battery and bring life back to your iPad. Get a quote instantly by filling in our online form for the relevant repair here.

iPad Software Issues

Some iPads can often have software issues making the iPad unable to function correctly. These issues may be slowing the iPad’s performance, creating inconvenience of performing the simplest of tasks. Our experts can help diagnose any issues, we will quote you for the cost of repairs so you can decide whether to go ahead.

Rare or Difficult Issues

If your iPad isn’t working as it should, but don’t know what the problem may be, come to Shoreditch Repairs. We can diagnose and repair even the rarest and more problematic iPad issues. Our experts are up-to-date with the latest Apple knowledge and have experience in dealing with a range of iPad issues.

Contact Shoreditch Repairs for any type of iPad repair. You can also get an instant quote for an iPad repair or submit a general enquiry form.