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Apple Event: October 18th, What to expect?

Apple Event and what to expect?

Amongst many rumors, the most anticipated of them is without a doubt, the release of the new M1x Macbooks. There are also rumors of the release of the new AirPods with is very likely. Lastly, it is possible that they will also a future release for a new Mac mini with the same M1x CPU as the MacBooks but options for 10, 16, and 32 graphic cores as well as up to 64GB RAM.


M1X MacBook Series

The M1X Macbook Pro is said to come in two different sizes, the 14″ version and the 16″. The 2019 Macbook Pro did feature a 16″ version and this is the first time they will be doing a 14″ version in a very long time. They are both said to come in a different shape a more flatter design in order to match the iPhone 13. It is clear that like the m1 the m1x will be extremely efficient and fast.

Apple Event: October 18th, What to expect? Shoreditch Repairs

It is likely that the m1x MacBook pro will feature a new Mini-LED Display with promotion. A 1080p webcam is an upgrade from the current 720p on the M1 models. It is also said to feature 6 ports which are a lot better than the current 13″ which only features 4. They have gone back to the old-style function keys replacing the toolbar. It is rumored that with Monterey, they will make a high-power mood which will boost performance when not connected to power. The base model versions will be 16GB ram and 512GB storage as the base model. They have switched back to the MagSafe charging from the USB-C in order to feature faster-changing speeds.

Apple Event: October 18th, What to expect? Shoreditch Repairs

Overall, the M1X Macbook Pro series will be a game-changer and all these features will make it stand out from its predecessors.

Airpods 3

Rumors do state that the new AirPods will be a redesign of the existing ones. This is due to the popularity of the AirPods pro. The design is likely to be similar to that of the AirPods Pro however, it is unclear whether they will feature ear-tips or not. Although they will not feature noise cancellation, they will still come at an affordable price.

Apple Event: October 18th, What to expect? Shoreditch Repairs


To conclude, the biggest announcement we can expect is the Macbook release. However, the likelihood of having them ready to sell soon is unlikely. As with our last post and the explanation of chip shortages and slow deliveries. It is likely that the Macbooks may take over a month before people get their first ones. The AirPods aren’t a huge change. However, as they are an affordable option, they are a better alternative to the AirPods Pro for many people.

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