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Apple Event: Should You Expect a Game Changer?

Apple Event September 14th, 2021

This year’s Apple Event is not far away; only 4 more days till they announce new and better things. However, the big question is with this event, can we expect game-changing devices? From all the rumors, it seems like that everything that we can expect will have some new things to them.

The iPhone 13 will have smaller notches, better camera quality, 5G support, etc. But this isn’t anything game-changing. It did seem previously from a lot of rumors that they were going to do a combination of Touch-ID and Face-ID, which got completely scrapped and it seems like it’s only going to have Face-ID.

As well as the iPhone, there were also rumors about the Apple Watch Series 7. Which, without a doubt is a game-changer. There are a lot of things that have changed from the Series 6 to the Series 7. The series 7 features a larger screen with a new strap size. The strap size will be a 41MM and 45mm strap, which is in between the two current sizes available. This is game-changing as a lot of people struggled to find the exact size which would fit their wrist and the bigger wrist size allows for those with larger arms to fit their needs.

Apple Event - Should You Expect a Game Changer? Shoreditch Repairs


Overall, The event is promising, although not everything will be game-changing, it is a 50/50 split, with the Series 7 watch being game-changing and the iPhone 13 being the opposite.  This isn’t to say that the iPhone 13 is not new, it is going to be exponentially different from the iPhone 12 but not in terms of the overall current Phone market.

Apple Chip Shortage

Apple has had a shortage of Chips, which has led to a lot of delays with deliveries of recent, especially with the iPads and 24″ iMacs. This suggested there may be a slight delay with new iPads if they do release one in the next event. As well as, it is possible there may be delays with the iPhone but it does seem to be on track based upon what Apple suggests.


Apple Airpods 3

From plenty of rumors, the Airpods 3 is will be replacing the existing Airpods. It will have a new Apple chip for audio as well as smaller stems, an adjusted shape to the earbud, and longer battery life. It does seem like it won’t feature water resistance and noise cancellation; Which is currently exclusive to the Apple Airpod Pros. The expected price is going to be lower than the AirPods pro and replace the Airpods at £159.


The next event is, like with all apple events important towards the technological market. With everything that we can expect, it does show that there are a lot of changes starting to come up. Although, it is just the beginning. The rumors of the iPhone 14 and the M1X chip, will be game-changing phones and computers.


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