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Apple Weekly: Only A Month To Go! New Watch, Airpods, And Much More

All New Products Are Just Around The Corner!

From plenty of rumors and sources within Apple, it seems like we have a lot to expect this year. All-new Apple Airpods, series 7 watch, an updated iPad, and the iPhone 13. We hope that they will be clearing all these rumors on the 14th of September; when their next event is expected to be held.

As per our last report on the iPhone 13, not much has changed in the rumors, it is likely to feature a much better camera with a sapphire glass covering on the lenses to make them look like a singular lense. The ultra-wide cameras on the 13 Pro and 13 Pro max will feature a 6P (f/1.8), which goes from the 5P (f/2.4) in its predecessors.

From many rumors, it also seems like there will be two new MacBook designs with the existing 16″ size being kept the same, and the 13″ will become a new 14″ mac. These are expected to come with a brand new apple processor known as the M1X, which will be the overall leap in performance and stability that people need. As well as the Macbook Air possibly coming in a similar color combination to the existing iMac 24″ in the apple Silicon models.

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Apple Weekly: Only A Month To Go! Shoreditch Repairs

Apple into Cars?

It seems as though from rumors that apple our in talks with several Korean manufacturers about possibly creating a new ‘Apple Car’. Although they are in the very early stages it seems that it could be a new avenue for Apple to go into. If this is the case it could mean that Apple is a direct competitor in the vehicle market.

Sources: Macworld

Apple Weekly: Only A Month To Go! Shoreditch Repairs


We are expecting a lot in the coming months from Apple. For us and for you, this means a lot of brand new products with our discount, means you can get a cheaper price on some of the new products. In terms of repairs, this suggests a lot of new avenues. Although repairing an Apple Car doesn’t sound like something we could do, you never know what the future may hold, we could get a technician in who could repair them. But with the release of the new iPhone and our Apple Authorisation around the corner we could be in the market for a lot more screen and battery repairs.


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