Black Friday in The UK – Bigger Than Ever! Shoreditch Repairs

What is Black Friday?

So today is Black Friday, and we all know what that means – hoards of people racing to stores, queues upon queues, and mad discounts.
We all love a good bargain – our “British Politeness” disappearing, as we push and nudge our way through to the brand new Macbook Pro that is now being reduced by 30%. But as you fist pump the air after a successful day of shopping, have you ever thought – what exactly is Black Friday? What is so significant about this day that causes chaos to ensue all over the world?

Black Friday occurs the day after Thanksgiving – where turkey stuffed shoppers rush out of their cosy homes in attempts to grab the best discounts. It has become the shopping tradition we know today due to a combination of reasons. As the first day after the last major holiday before Christmas, it marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Additionally, most employees get the day off as part of Thanksgiving weekend, which adds to the shopping mayhem.

But what’s with all the discounts? The reasoning is simple – retailers realised with Christmas now on everyone’s minds, discounted prices could draw huge crowds to their stores.

As for where the name comes from, after the Holiday season officially begins, stores finally move into the “black” (profit) after being in the “red” for much of the year. This is not the only theory behind the name, but the others are far less cheery. In the 60s, Police would refer to this day as “Black Friday” due to all the traffic jams and congested streets, filled with motorists and pedestrians.

Black Friday in The UK – Bigger Than Ever! Shoreditch Repairs

Black Friday in the UK

For a country that doesn’t even celebrate thanksgiving, UK does a pretty good job in going all out for Black Friday. is the one to thank – in 2010 they were the first major UK retailer to start offering Black Friday discounts. Shortly after, other retailers started to take notice, with Currys & PC World offering a huge online price crash during the weekend of Black Friday in 2012. Last year is when it really took off here in the UK, with the likes of John Lewis and Asda joining the bandwagon.

This year, hundreds of retailers are taking part –  small and big, both in store and online. UK shoppers are expected to spend even more this year, with only 17% of them not knowing what Black Friday is. UK Black Friday traditions are starting to mirror that of the US, moving from one day events to two or three days, to even a whole week. Not only are retailers marketing Black Friday this year, but Media coverage has been higher than ever.

Black Friday at Shoreditch Repairs

As the times change and our society has become heavily dependant on the internet, people now have the choice to avoid the rush and do their shopping in the comfort of their own home. This is why here at Shoreditch Repairs, we are offering Black Friday discounts of up to 30% off selected products, and 10% off all Apple repairs. With this, our customers get the best of both worlds. You’ll get a discounted service, whilst avoiding the Black Friday madness – by choosing to come in whenever suits you best.

Black Friday in The UK – Bigger Than Ever! Shoreditch Repairs

Did you guys bag any crazy discounts this Black Friday? Also, remember to check out our offer for some great deals!Black Friday in The UK – Bigger Than Ever! Shoreditch Repairs