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Apple Weekly: Buying new vs. buying reconditioned Apple products

If you’re considering buying an Apple device, you will be considering what the best option is for your needs and the cost. Whether you are wanting an iPad, iPhone, MacBook or iMac, it may benefit you to buy a reconditioned device. Read our pros and cons of buying new or reconditioned Apple products.

Apple Weekly: Buying new vs. buying reconditioned Apple products Shoreditch Repairs

Buying new

Perfect condition

Obviously with a product being brand new, you would expect there to be no problems with functionality. There should also be no cosmetic damage, such as scratches, cracks or dents. It should be in perfect condition, straight out of the box.

Longer warranty

Generally, buying a new iPhone or Apple computer will mean the warranty will cover you for longer than the warranty with a reconditioned product. So if anything were to go wrong and you need a repair, your warranty will cover the cost.


Of course buying an Apple device from new is very expensive. The cost may not end at just buying the product – you may need to add insurance, accessories and if itBuying new vs buying reconditioned Apple products ’s an iPhone, you’ll need a SIM deal too.

Newer models may pass you by

If you like to get the latest Apple model, such as the latest iPhone, investing in a costly phone or computer may mean you miss out on newer models. Consider taking out an iPhone on a contract so you can upgrade to the latest model or buy a reconditioned iMac, MacBook or iPad to save money.

Buying reconditioned

Save money

The obvious advantage of buying a reconditioned Apple device is that you save a lot of money. Reconditioned products may have been returned, had previous faults or have parts from recycled devices. They are in good working condition, but this is what brings the price down.


At Shoreditch Repairs, we always ensure that our reconditioned MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and iMacs are in excellent working condition. We will always state if there are minor scratches to the devices.


Depending on the product, we offer 6 or 12-month warranties, so if you have any issues with your device during that time, experts at Shoreditch Repairs are on hand to offer a repair service to get you up and running again.

Update your device

You may need to update your device before you use it, and reconditioned options may not be for you if you like the latest Apple devices and technology.

Browse Shoreditch Repairs’ reconditioned Apple devices and get in touch with any questions.

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