Apple has only recently launched the iPhone 7, the most “controversial” of Apple releases. The lead up to the iPhone 7 launch marked 2016 as the first time Apple saw iphone sales trend downwards. However, since the model has been released, explosive sales have proven that the most controversial feature – the disappearing headphone jack – was a non-issue. It has actually shown quite the opposite, with iOS seeing the strongest growth rate in 2 years.  Additionally, with Samsung jumping on board, announcing that the new Galaxy s8 will also be removing the headphone jack, the controversy of the iPhone 7 has quickly died down, leaving consumers looking towards Apple’s next exciting venture – the iPhone 8!

The iPhone 8 is expected to be Apple’s biggest launch in years – with leaks and rumours already being announced all across the web. Apple launches are already seen as the biggest technology event of the year, but since 2017 falls on the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, all eyes are on Apple and what they’re going to bring next. Some state the new iPhone will sport a curved screen, whilst others state that the new phone will look practically the same as the 7,  but red.  For the more curious Apple user out there, Shoreditch Repairs have scoured the web and compiled a list of the most common leaks and rumours so far.



According to a recent report on the Wall Street Journal, Apple are currently testing more than 10 different prototypes for their newest device. One of these prototypes is said to include a curved OLED screen, with practically no bezels – similar to that of the Galaxy s7. Apple has supposedly asked its suppliers to increase OLED output, as well as requesting prototypes of OLED screens that feature “better resolutions than ones from Samsung”. This comes to no surprise, as OLED has become the new top standard of display technology, offering lower power consumption and deeper backs than traditional LED panels.  With the possibility of a new OLED screen, it is suggested that the iPhone’s  current 2k resolution will be upgraded to a 4k display, which will be more suited for virtual reality applications.

All Glass and No Home Button

Other sources also mention that the iPhone 8 may also have an all glass body, falling in line with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction that Apple’s new model will not use any plastic or aluminium. This new design means that the home button is likely to disappear. As the most frequently leaked rumour, it is suggested that the whole front panel of the phone will be turned into a screen – with the touch ID fingerprint sensor and front-facing camera being fully integrated into the touch-screen. Chinese website Storm reports that the virtual home button will have the same haptic feedback motors used in the iPhone 7 to create the illusion of a Home button on the flat glass surface.

iPhone 8 – Most Common Leaks and Rumours Shoreditch Repairs

Design Concept by Herman Haidin

Three (or more) models

While fans currently have the choice between two models, the standard (4.7 inch display) and the Plus (5.5 inch display) – it seems Apple might introduce a couple more choices. According to analysts citing supply chain sources, Apple may launch new iPhone 8 variants with 5-inch, and 5.8-inch screens.

Ming-Chi Kuo – who has a great track record of Apple predictions – suggests that this premium 5.8 inch iPhone 8 will feature an AMOLED screen, whilst the 4.7 and 5.5 inch may stick with regular LED panels. His prediction may be right yet again, with a Japanese report also mentioning that a larger premium model will feature a curved screen, whilst the other two will have flat panels.

Flip Phone

One of the more obscure rumours suggests that Apple is considering bringing back the flip phone, after the company was granted two patents for folding technology this month. This patent was first filed in 2014 by Apple, which suggests it been a few years since they’ve thought of the idea. There is no indication that this will come out in 2017, but keep your eyes peeled!

iPhone 8 – Most Common Leaks and Rumours Shoreditch Repairs

Apple’s patent for a Clamshell iPhone


Wireless Charging

As the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, we can expect quite a few new functional aspects of models released in 2017. A report on Bloomberg in January, claimed that Apple was working on implementing wireless charging. Whilst Apple is late on the band-wagon as wireless charging is a common feature on some Android phones, it is reported that they are working on “long-range wireless technology” that will not require users to place the device on or close to a charging station.

Iris Scanner

One of the stand-out features of Samsung’s latest release is the Iris-scanner. It seems Apple is also jumping on board – According to Chinese sources, a Taiwan-based company Xintec, are starting to mass produce iris-recognition chips, which are likely to be embedded in the models released in 2017. This cutting edge technology allows for users to unlock their phone simply by looking at it.


According to The Korea Economic Daily, Apple is studying ways to use LG Innotek’s 3D camera module in the iPhone 8. This module will be used in the phone’s dual rear camera system, alongside 3D technology that will be used to deliver photos with 3d effects. Additionally, the iPhone 8 may also add Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) to the telephoto lens, as the iPhone 7 currently only has OIS in the wide-angle lens.


The most likely update in terms of Specs for the iPhone 8 is a new processor, as Apple tends to debut a new chip every iPhone release. The iPhone 7 runs on a new A10 fusion chip following iPhone 6’s A9 chip,  so it is likely the iPhone 8 will feature an A11 chip.

Industry sources suggest that this A11 chip will be built on a 10nm processor – which would result in a faster and more power-efficient phone.

Release date

It is expected for the iPhone 8 to be released in September, due to Apple releasing new models on this month for the last several years. According to previous release dates, it is predicted that the iPhone 8 Event will occur on either September 12th or 13th. With the release date coming shortly after on either September 22 or 23rd.

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