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Macbook Performance Boost Feature? & More

iPhone 13 Production Shortage

Apple has seen a slower production of the iPhone 13 models, which has shown on their wait time with nearly over 3 weeks on their website. This is mainly due to the sensor-shift image stabilization feature, which wasn’t on the previous iPhone 12. In order to maintain high quality while at the same time producing a high quantity of items, suppliers do see that the situation should improve in mid-October. Macbook Performance Boost Feature? & More Shoreditch Repairs

Supplying the iPhone 13 with earpods

As with last year, the iPhone 12 had to be supplied with earphones in France due to law. The same had to be done this year so iPhone 13’s were placed in additional boxes to feature the earpods as shown by the image below.

The legislation was produced to help reduce the radio frequency power-outputs that people receive. In order to reduce the amount of RF output, earpods are suggested by legislation as an alternative to putting your phone up to your ear.Macbook Performance Boost Feature? & More Shoreditch Repairs

macOS Monterey – High Power Mode

From the developer’s version of macOS Monterey. there states a reference to a “High Power Mode” which could boost the performance of a Macbook at the expense of battery life. Although, there is no confirmation of the feature as it is only in the code with the name. There is the low power mode accessible in macOS Monterey, which is used to conserve battery life. This does make the suggestion that the high power mode could do the opposite.

why is this important?

If the feature does become an actual part of the OS it suggests that you will be able to get more usage out of Mac devices without having the need to upgrade the device or change the device completely; Although, it is not certain how much more power you will be getting out of the Mac.

Macbook Performance Boost Feature? & More Shoreditch Repairs

Although, there were not many rumors on new Macs or Apple devices. There were many in regards to Apple updates and various statements about the new IOS 15 and the usability of the iPhone 13. It does seem that overall Apple is working to improve its experience with macOS Monterey so that customers can get the most out of their Macs.

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