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Why You Should Choose Shoreditch Repairs for Apple Repairs

Like many users of big brands like Apple, whether you are faced with a broken iPhone or you’re in need of a Mac repair, your first instincts are to turn to its in-house repair service. And while you’d think they would be the superior option, we’re here to tell you why it’s a better idea to forget the Apple store and turn to Shoreditch Repairs instead for Apple repairs in London and across the UK.

Why You Should Choose Shoreditch Repairs for Apple Repairs Shoreditch Repairs


While Apple will undoubtedly fix your phone, you’ll pay through the nose for the privilege. The most common iPhone and Macbook problems are cracked screens and water damage. These accidental damages are not covered by Apple’s 12 month warranty – resulting in customers dishing out at least £139 for an in-store repair and £150 for Apple’s mail-order service, just to replace their screen. If you think that’s pricey, their general repair services charge £255 – £330, for any other repair that isn’t screen-related.

Martin Lewis, founder of ‘Money Saving Expert’ claims that these charges are a “rip-off”, and users are being “seduced by the power of the Apple brand”. So why are Apple using such inflated prices? It could be to give off the image of a “premium” service, even though we all know they aren’t doing anything different than any other repair shop. Some suggest it’s a sales tactic – and that by charging a higher price, Apple are actively putting people off repairs, and swaying them towards just buying a new model instead. All we know is that it does not cost that much for a Mac or iPhone repair.

At Shoreditch Repairs, we charge a fraction of the cost for our Apple repairs in London and across the UK. Our iPhone screen repairs start from just £35 for older models, £60 for a regular iPhone 6, and £90 for an iPhone 6 Plus. Same goes for all our other repair services – they’re all significantly lower than that of Apple and other competitors.


Some sources claim that getting a third party repair service is not such a good idea, due to the risk of low quality materials being used in your repair. However, this is NOT the case for Shoreditch Repairs. We use 100% certified and recycled Apple materials. So all of our parts come directly from Apple themselves – without their inflated prices.

Our qualified repairs team are experts in screen replacements, water damage, software or battery issues, SSD upgrades – basically any iPhone or Mac issues, and will get the problem solved as soon as possible. Because we are not a Business Giant like Apple who can afford to lose a couple of customers here and there, we will ALWAYS make sure you are satisfied with your Apple repair. Even if that means going the extra mile to deliver to your door.

Why You Should Choose Shoreditch Repairs for Apple Repairs Shoreditch Repairs


As society has evolved – the way we communicate, the way we get around, the way we work and play, is highly dependent on technology. So who has time to wait three weeks for their phone or laptop to get repaired?

Apple repairs are notorious for being extremely slow. First you have to book an appointment with the Genius Bar. I just tried to do that to see exactly how long it would take – the next available appointment is not for another 6 days.

Next, you step into a highly crowded Apple store to see your Genius, your phone is now on its way to getting fixed! In 2010, Apple finally announced you can get your iPhone screen repaired in-store. But for other types of damages, your phone/Mac will need to be sent off to an Apple Repair centre, which will take a minimum of one week.

At Shoreditch Repairs, once you have browsed repairs and received a free quote, you have the option of dropping off your device or arranging a collection. You can also send a general enquiry. We will get back to you within a day. Instead of us telling you when we’re available, we let you come in whenever suits you best, or just arrange to have your device collected. Most of our physical repairs will be done within the hour, whilst hard-drive changes or software issues can take up to a day due to transferring your data. Water damage may take up to three days whilst we let your product dry, as well as special cases where we need to order specific parts. But we promise that we’ll never take 2 weeks!

So have we convinced you? What do you guys think about Apple’s repair services?

If you’ve used our service before, please let us know about it in the comments below.

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