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Which Macbook Should You Buy in 2021?

Hard Choices & New Releases

Buying a Macbook is always a hard choice to make due to the many factors that come with them. If you’re a programmer, content creator, graphic designer, music producer, etc. Apple has something for everyone. Even if you aren’t any of these Apple still has one for you. It does seem like Apple may be releasing a new Mac really soon with the upcoming event, which we are anticipating to happen in the next few weeks.

So is it the right time? Yes and no, for those of you who are students and in a rush to purchase one, it is more than worth going ahead because a lot of factors can be cut out. Especially if you need something that is just for general use. However, for those that require something powerful, it may be worth considering waiting for another month or so.

How do I decide the right one?

Factor in what you are using it for. Is it for general use, i.e managing your emails, watching videos, writing up essays and content, or is it for heavy-duty work such as programming, web design, video editing/ production, etc? Once this has been considered then can you make the right decision?

You should also factor in your price. Apple products aren’t on the cheap side but they aren’t extremely expensive either. When considering what your price range is, the bigger the budget the better that is a given but even if you do not have a large budget you can still purchase them for a great price; whether it’s a brand new sealed product or a refurbished one.

The last thing to consider is whether you want something stationary or for travel use. This is probably the easiest decision, but it is an important one. This mainly affects the power of the device as well because where you can get both out of Apple Macs, you have to consider space, the weight and this does affect your budget as well.

MacBook Air 13″ 2020 M1

The Macbook air can easily be considered the ‘best price for buck’ item that Apple has currently. When you consider its compact, lightweight, and easy usability, it is more than better than anything else. Its starting price is just £999. Its battery life easy a lot better in comparison to its predecessors. The M1 chip that it has is more powerful than the Intel chips, which means that overall processing speeds are a lot faster.

Currently, we are able to provide a great discount, which for those who are on a tight budget can easily help with that. To conclude, this is easily the most affordable all-around MacBook currently available. For students, general users, and light processing users. This can effectively carry out various tasks at once.

Which Macbook Should You Buy in 2021? Shoreditch Repairs

MacBook Pro 13″ 2020 M1

The Macbook Pro is the perfect high-performance device. For those of you who are music producers, adobe creative users, or web designers. This is the perfect device for everyday use. It is lightweight and has great battery life. The base price is currently £1299 but this is a great price for what you get from it.

One major thing to consider is that there are rumours that Apple may be releasing a new range with an M1X chip in the coming months. The M1X chip is stated to be a more stable, even faster processor. This could mean that the new M1X could overtake the existing Macbook or could also be a new range on their website. If this does occur then, it could be worth waiting for it. Nevertheless, for those that require a Mac urgently, this is the perfect device for processing.

As with the Macbook Air, we also provide a discount on these Macbooks so you aren’t missing out on any deals at all. If you send in a contact form about the Macbook you need, one of our technicians can get back to you.

Which Macbook Should You Buy in 2021? Shoreditch Repairs

iMac 24″ Silicone 2021 M1

The silicon iMac was released earlier this year and is an incredible device. The biggest difference to its predecessors is the colour choice. This is a major difference as it allows for more personalisation. You have a range of 7 colours to choose from with matching keyboards for each.

The processing speed on the device is the same as the Macbook so it is a high speed, fast processing Mac. Its prominent change is the fact that the screen is now 24″ with a lot better display features. This means for those of you that are graphic designers or video processors you do not lack in any colours.

The only downside is that it is not for travel use, although this desktop equipment does not lack in any other aspects. This is the perfect device if you are looking for something to put in your room or at your workplace. It does not just look great; it is also powerful.

As with the previous items in the list, the iMac is also available to purchase with a great discount through us. Contact us for more information on getting a part exchange or discount on a new Mac.

Which Macbook Should You Buy in 2021? Shoreditch Repairs


It is a great time to purchase a Macbook, however, you still have to consider everything listed beforehand. We have our discount available on all Apple mac products so don’t miss a great discount. Contact us and we will get in touch with you on what mac best suits you at an affordable price.

Refurbished items are all in-store and available to purchase if you are in the London area, you can pop by the store. If you aren’t able to do so, you can give us a call and our technicians can guide you through everything that is available to purchase.

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