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Why You Should Upgrade To The iPhone 13?

Everything Apple Announced

Earlier this week Apple announced a list of new products in its event. The event came with the release of the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and Pro Max. As well as the phones came to the tablet, the new iPad Mini and finally, they released the Apple Watch Series 7. However, is it all worth the wait and should you upgrade?

What’s changed?

The release of the iPhone 13 came with an all improved camera, battery life, A15 Bionic Chip, and 1TB Storage option.

Why You Should Upgrade To The iPhone 13? Shoreditch Repairs

Upgrade from your old iPhone 12 to iPhone 13 Pro Max

Breaking it down

The improved camera allows for a newly added macro filming and photography, 2.2x more light in the wide camera, and 92% more light in the ultra-wide camera. A huge change was that in the new truedepth, the telephoto camera features you can now edit the depth of field after the filming has been complete. Apple has always tried to be ahead of the game in photography on their phones and this year is no different. The new camera is undoubtedly better than any they’ve had before.

The improved battery life lasts up to 1.5 hours more on the iPhone 13 pro and 2.5 hours more on the 13 pro max. As a result of the improved battery life, the size of the battery had to be increased. This means for us that with the official apple batteries, we will be able to easily replace them.

The A15 Bionic Chip has an overall improvement in the processing of the device. They state that it makes gaming more reliable. It is more efficient so that processing uses less battery power to complete.

Overall, the iPhone 13 is undoubtedly a great purchase, it’s a complete improvement from the iPhone 12. The added 1TB storage option diversifies the experience for photographers and gamers. Therefore, more space can be used without having to transfer, delete and store on the cloud.

The iPad Mini

The iPad mini has had major changes. It has added the touch-ID, the new a15 bionic chip, 5G connection, and a USB-C  charging port. Overall, the iPad mini is a major upgrade and is a great purchase for work, school, and general use. If you can accept the small screen, it is easily a great choice for daily use.

Why You Should Upgrade To The iPhone 13? Shoreditch Repairs

Upgrade iPad Mini,

The  Apple Watch Series 7

The series 7 watch was the final release on the list. A larger screen, faster charging, and a stronger screen. If you had previously purchased an apple watch, this is definitely worth the upgrade. It is a great accessory for fitness and with its water resistance of up to 50m, it can be worn during a swim.

Why You Should Upgrade To The iPhone 13? Shoreditch Repairs

Upgrade Apple Watch Series 7, New Watch, New Apple Watch, Fitness



To conclude, Apple’s release is an overall upgrade on every device they released. They are expecting an increase in sales due to the shortage of chips from their major competitor, Samsung; this suggests that they won’t be able to release as many Samsung phones as they wanted. Purchasing any of the new Apple releases have their benefits to each genre of people. The watch is extremely well built for those avid fitness geeks, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max being great for photographers and the iPad being great for general functionality.

So should you upgrade to the iPhone 13?

So as far as upgrading to the iPhone 13 you should consider the fact of whether you will actively use its various new additions. For example, it may not be worth your while if you have a 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max, which you aren’t using all the storage space on it and upgrading to a 1TB purely for the added storage. This should also be factored into the camera and etc. Therefore, if you are going to actively use the new features then it is a great choice. However, if you aren’t then upgrading to the exact alternative i.e the 13 if you have a 12 or the 13 pro if you have a 12 pro is a great choice.

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